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Friday, January 27, 2006

Variety review

Variety's reviewer was less than impressed. Reviewer is baffled about lack of insight and too much music. (I prefer more music and less insight.)

Salient quote: "[Copeland has] chosen simply to gloss over any acrimony among the three members, not to mention erasing sex and drugs from their rock 'n' roll lifestyle -- even things that were public knowledge at the time. Result is a trite, whitewashed-to-blankness vanity project ..."


  • Screw Variety. Stupid, jaded Hollywood people think that unless you see the messed up side of life it's not worth anything. That's only because their lives are so messed up.....misery loves company. Maybe the reviewer should have tried to consider that perhaps Copeland is telling the story how he sees it, and if SC looks back and remembers the good times with fondness, I'd say that's alot better than looking back on your life and being bitter. Again, screw Variety and typical jaded Hollywood dorks that can only criticize what others create.

    By Blogger voodooman, at 7:24 AM  

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